How to Grow Garlic Indoors | Growing Garlic at Home - Tips & Tricks

A small nursery in a room or overhang gives benefits and pleasures, regardless of the culture it produces, garlic is still a rare ingredient in a variety of vegetables. Not only is it a great flavor for mixed vegetables and hot plate dishes but it is also a quick guide to our health. We always remember it with the onset of cold weather when we really want to deal with the expectation of infection to strengthen the safe framework. There is nothing wrong with preparing garlic at home for this situation, but it is necessary.

How to Grow Garlic Indoors

Planting Material

plant cloves of garlic most winter cultivars tend to produce shoots that form aerial bulbs (bulbs), sometimes referred to as seeds. For a home, this method of reproduction is unacceptable, the harvest will have to wait too long, garlic is a perennial plant, and in the first year, it forms a single-toothed bulb and a root system.

For culture placed on a window or gallery, a quick result is important, so you want to set the teeth. It would be best for you to pick a very thick, you can take a little dry. Clearly matte, and yellow is not appropriate. It is not appropriate to do small harm with a hint of evil. In fact, as the teeth begin to grow, they will accelerate the growth of garlic on the windowsill.

How to prepare the soil?

Soil preparation for garlicThe soil taken from the garden can be used for home cultivation only as a basis for the substrate. When watering in small-volume vessels, nutrients are washed out of it, and the structure is compacted. Additions are necessary, most often they take peat and sand.

Fertility requires humus. The specificity of garlic is a high need for mineral supplements, they are provided by the inclusion of wood ash in the substrate. The earth from the street must be disinfected, and calcined for half an hour in the oven. If the soil is purchased in a store, then it is best to take a universal one for seedlings and enrich it with a special fertilizer designed for onions and garlic.

Planting container

containers for growing garlic on the windowsillCapacity requirements - sufficient area for planting and a depth of at least 20 cm, with a small side above the soil so that water does not spill during irrigation.

The shape of the vessel, and the material from which it is made does not matter, it can be a wooden or plastic box, a ceramic pot, or a glass container. The choice is determined only by the aesthetic preferences of the owner.

If you independently put together a wooden box exactly the size of the window sill, the use of the usable area will be the most rational. Do not forget about the holes in the bottom of the tank and the drainage layer (expanded clay, pebbles, broken ceramics). The vessel is placed on a stand or tray to ensure the free flow of irrigation water.

How to Grow Garlic Indoors

Rules for planting garlic at home

What should be the distance between the formed teeth? Plants should be given a specific dimension of the room, at the same time, you need to save space because the nursery is still located on the window or overhang. The ideal distance would be 4-5 cm. There is no agreement between nursery workers regarding planting depth, some are set up to 2-3 cm, and others are extended up to 10 cm in the open field. In two cases, the great germination is complete, but in the other - later, in about 15 days.

The bulb is divided into teeth and brought into the ground. It should be slightly damp, not too wet or dry. Place each slice upside down with a sharp end. In order not to compact the soil under the future growing roots, they do not press it, but lower it into the prepared hole, sprinkle it, and water it. If you plant and grow garlic in several stages with an interval of 5 to 10 days, then the crop can be harvested continuously as it grows. You can plant teeth in a pot with another houseplant, it is believed that this is useful for disinfection and protection from pests.

Forcing garlic greens can also be done in the water, as is done with onions. Slices need to be cleaned of integumentary scales, tightly set in shallow molds, filled with water up to half, and constantly maintain at this level. Without soil, greens can be obtained at least twice: first after 3 weeks, again after another 2. If the teeth are large, there is also the third harvest, after about 10 days. After that, they are replaced.

Garlic plant care

garlic care at homeGarlic is undemanding to care for, even a novice grower can grow it on a window or on a balcony, experience in growing green onions will come in handy here. Sprouts will appear after 1, 2, or 3 weeks, depending on the conditions and planting depth.


They need to give great lighting, on the off chance that put on a window, on the south, however, it is ideal to keep the plants on a coated overhang if any. In the event that there is an absence of regular light, utilize a fluorescent light (a customary radiant light is not reasonable for plant enlightenment), 8 hours of sunshine will be sufficient.


To maintain the soil in a moderately moist state, water after 2-3 days, if the room is warm and the soil dries quickly, then more often.

Top dressing

Garlic should be taken care of with natural matter, mostly nitrogen, as well as mineral enhancements. You can utilize extraordinary store details or make bird fertilizer, and mullein.


The temperature should not be high, about 20 ° C, from this point of view it is also better to keep the garlic not in the room, but on a glazed balcony or loggia.

Appearing arrows intended for the formation of bulbs should be removed immediately. Growing garlic at home to obtain heads is hardly advisable, especially since they are not always obtained at home and are not very large. But if such a goal is set, then the landings must be kept at a low temperature - 15 -16 ° C.

Soil care

The soil around the sprouts should be periodically loosened, then the bulb will be large and developed and will give a good green mass. Leaves that have reached 20 cm are ready for consumption, they are like this a month after planting, they are already large enough and not yet too sharp in taste, tender and pleasant. They are cut with scissors and used as fresh as possible.

About varieties

All varieties of garlic are divided into two groups. Winter crops are more suitable for winter cultivation in the house, they do not have a winter rest period. Practitioners recommend Sochi-56, Kharkiv, and Otradnensky, proven by many years of experience, which give a good harvest of greenery indoors or on the balcony in winter. To obtain a garlic feather in the summer, spring or summer plant varieties are preferable.
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